Plovdiv Game Jam 2021






Plovdiv Game Jam is part of the world's largest game jam event Global Game Jam (GGJ). In 2021, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the event will be only online. We have prepared a Discord channel for all the registered participants. We will also have live stream in Twitch, Youtube and Facebook. The event will be live streamed globally to the other Global Game Jam locations.


Plovdiv Game Jam is a game development event, where people meet for a weekend and create games together. The teams work from Friday to Sunday on their games and present on Sunday to the whole jam. Plovdiv Game Jam is non-profit, focused on cooperation and made for the community; people of all ages are welcome. Come join us – all you need is a computer, happy mood and a desire to make games. Remember - we make both DIGITAL AND BOARD GAMES!


27 January - 31 January 2021

Book the dates already now! As every year, one of the last weekends of January is the Global Game Jam weekend, so clear your calendar and come prepared! This time, due to the COVID situation, we will have 2 more days for development. The GGJ theme will be announced on the 27th of January and you can start working on your games. We will create games and have fun together, online.


Friday starts with talks from game dev professionals, an international keynote, revelation of the Global Game Jam secret theme and group/team forming. Saturday and Sunday the teams are working on the games prototypes.

This year, due to the Covid-19 situation we are only going to have the event online.

GGJ will make the official theme public already on Wednesday. This time the theme don't have to be secret, as all the locations are online and streaming live.

18.00 – GGJ keynote and theme reveal

So, in 2021, the teams will have an extra day, Thursday to work on their prototypes. Rejoys! 🙂

The teams can work when they need to and plan their time accordingly. We will have volunteers, ready to help and assist, 24/7 on the official PGJ discord server.

Our official live stream is going to be on Twitch, but we will also have Facebook live. We are still preparing an online mini-conference about game development on Friday, the 29.01.2021 and Saturday, the 30.01.2021. Аnyone that is interested and wants to watch the talks and presentations, our Twitch channel is open and we welcome all.

We know that it's very difficult times for all of us, and it is not going to be as fun as other years, but we all hope that we will have good time nonetheless and make some awesome games together.

The Plovdiv Game Jam organizer team is looking forward to see you and jam with you in Discord!



Katrin Staneva
Boyan Yordanov
Yoana Toteva
Simeon Dotkov
Magdalena Chervenyakova
Elitsa Dimitrova
Sergey Punchev
Julie Heyde
Mark Ralev
Filip Slavov
Kristiyan Goleminov
Мario Мusov
Martin Punchev
Miroslav Garigov


SOME & media
3D printer & merch
Venue & registration
Program & speakers
Project manager
Discord admin
Discord admin


This year we are holding the event only online, due to COVID-19 restrictions. Join us online by getting your FREE ticket!

OBS! The Discord server is only for participants that will create games during the weekend. You will need a free registration from Evedo to enter our Discord server! Please note that the registration is now closed, so you cannot get a new registration after the event has started.


If you want to watch the talks and presentations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, our stream channels are all public, open for everyone.

zabeliazano v plovdiv page

zabeliazano v plovdiv group

zabeliazano v plovdiv Youtube channel

Our Twitch channel